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AvatarDaniel Lugn

The saga continues…

In the past few months I have been to see the orthopedic again (gave me more meds), a sports medicine doctor (told me basically that nothing was really wrong, so just go back to physio) and an osteopath and someone for IMS treatment (both were able to give some temporary relief of the spasms and pain in the calf, but nothing long term). I have also had a couple bad flare ups, both of which left me unable to walk due to pain, both of which seemingly came out of nowhere (I think it had to do with my winter boots, but cannot be certain). Needless to say this has been a very frustrating few months.

One very important thing to note is the ‘swelling’ I thought was causing the lateral malleolus to raise up isn’t swelling at all, its actually that the entire fibula is twisting clockwise giving it the appearance of being raised. If I screw my feet into the ground I am able to rotate the fib and lateral malleolus back into position, however as soon as I relax my leg it swings right back. I am not able to get this kind of movement in my good foot, everything seems basically locked in place. Top this up with a noticeable amount of inversion laxity in the bad foot when compared to the good foot I am starting to have serious doubts about the MRIs accuracy and my superior retinaculum being completely intact. And if it is, its likely very stretched and I have some serious muscle imbalances pulling my fibula out of line.

Anyway, I am planning to show this to my family doctor this week and I am going to ask to get referred to a different orthopedic (I live in Canada and though medical is free, its a long process getting referrals to specialists for anything non-life threatening. It could be over a year before I even get to see someone after they give the referral). I will also show this to the osteopath this week as I have an appointment scheduled and hes helping with a hip problem that is likely brought on by the limping.

On a side note I have completely stopped any and all high impact (jumping, skipping), have went back into my brace and have been strengthening my ankle as if I was recovering from a sprain as per the PT and Sports Doc, though I dont believe this is helping at all.