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AvatarDaniel Lugn

Hey Kaitlin

Thank you for your reply. I got a referral to another chiro/physio from a coworker who said he helped him a lot so I am seeing him in February.

The ortho I was seeing did try addressing the tenosynovitis from the MRI, however there wasn’t much, if any change over all. Just a lot of anti-flammatory creams and a brace which I did as per his instructions for a few months. I am going to see him again next week for my follow up which I will bring up the tubercle again and get his thoughts.

As far as active recovery… I really just went back to my normal training, sans running and over the last couple weeks began to add more dynamic ankle movements (like skipping, jumping, lunging, TGU) without much change in the overall state of it. I spent a very large part of 2014 being inactive due to this and a separate shoulder issue (which is nearly 100% better now thanks to MobilityWoD and the Supple Leopard) and honestly had enough of it. I really got to the point of “If its not getting worse when I use it, I am going to use it”. I understand rest and caution are needed to heal, but I am also of the mind set that this issue is not crippling by any stretch, so why treat it that way. I know… I am stubborn.

I recently started Yoga with my wife which really showed a lot of glaring holes in my overall fitness, including how weak my ankles still are. I am trying to address this now with more properception training and continuing with Yoga once a week. I also went semi-barefoot/minimalist to get my feet moving again, plus I stand most of the time for work now as well. None of these things make it any worse or better, but I know its strengthening my feet and ankles

With all that said I am trying to be as cautious as possible and listen to my body. Nothing I have done has left me hobbling around, so I am figuring its safe to proceed. Running is still off the table for now though, at least until May when the snow clears.