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AvatarDaniel Lugn

So three sessions and several cracks later I am still in the same boat. Although he was able to get some movement in the ankle, I don’t think this is the right course of action anymore as there hasn’t been any change, even immediately after the adjustments.

The malleolus remains elevated, but something that I recently became very aware of was home much more prominent my peroneal tubercle is on this foot (I noticed this before and have mentioned it to all the professionals I have seen so far, but it was passed off as unimportant). It’s difficult to judge if its always been this way on my left foot, or it became like this after the sprain, however it is clearly much larger then on the right. Based on some reading it seems that a prominent tubercle can be the cause of irritation and peroneal tenosynovitis (something that was noted in my MRI, though I do not remember if they mentioned the tubercle being enlarged and I do not have the report to review), but I don’t know if thats the case for me. This could simply be another red herring in my endless journey of ‘i dunno’ ankle syndrome. At any rate I think I am going to need to see the orthopedic doctor again for advice.

I am trying not to let the hypochondriac in me burst forth again, but I am starting to wonder if surgery is back on the table as the only solution for this issue. To note I am not in any amount of pain (on the pain scale of 1 to 10, its a 0 to 1 most times, 2-3 on the rare days its flaring up), just irritation and the occasional spasm that I can manage with self massage. I am able to train without much, if any additional discomfort and I could easily live with this if I knew it did not leave me open to worse injuries from regular use. I really do not want to go under the knife, but I would rather be proactive then reactive.