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AvatarDaniel Lugn

I am thinking the fluid is due to the sprain or potentially the rubbing of the peroneal tendon as it slips in and out, but honestly those are guesses and may or may not be the cause.

I have tried starting from before I was a suppling leopard – Icing, anti-inflammatory, prolonged rest. After I started suppling – Voodoo flossing, daily soft tissue work on the peroneals (this helps relax the muscle if it goes into spasm, utilizing a lacrosse ball or barbell), plus a prescription ankle support to aid in keeping the tendon from moving (that doesnt work to well, but its not a rigid support). Is there anything more I could be doing to try to remove the fluid?
I have not had my technique looked at, but I have not run much since September. Its hard to say how my gait was pre-injury, but I was a ball striker logging hundreds of KMs each summer without any trouble. Post injury however, I am certain my gait is off now. The ankle does not feel like it moves naturally and I think I now have a subtle limp, but I think this goes hand-in-hand with the mallelous being out a bit forcing the ankle to not move naturally. At this point I feel like until I resolve the issue with the ankle not being aligned I am not going to be able to fix my gait. But maybe this is a chicken-egg scenario – My gait is bad because my ankle is out, my ankle is out because my gait it bad?
I know this is a complex issue and one that needs to be addressed in person by professionals. I have seen two PTs and a orthopedic doctor and going to see a chiropractor in the new year. Is there any other options I should consider investigating should this fail?
Thanks again