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Funny that I actually wrote a follow up to my last post a couple weeks back but trashed it because I didn’t think it had much value. Prepare for wall of text.

So the main issue has mostly been resolved, however not entirely. I saw the othor and we reviewed the problem foot and leg in detail, along with my MRI’s and X-rays and the history of the injury. He told me that it was likely during the original sprain injury I like tore the peroneal along with the rest of the ligaments. He explained that tendons don’t always heal back nice and smooth like their original form and no longer glide during natural movements. As the for the additional laxity, he basically said he has seen many dancers with more laxity and no problems because they have the ankle strength and propreception to support it. The peroneals were probably very weak from the repeated injuries and long term tendonitis, so I had to restrengthen them. I was also noted to have hyper mobility in my knees so I had to be careful not to over stretch.

I decided that if this was the case I needed to strength my ankles and all the supporting structures up the chain. I religiously worked inversion and eversion band work (like hundreds of reps per day), calf raises, hours on the wobble board (I stand at work, so I would take my board and stand on it for a couple hours. I also went to town on glute and ham redevelopment, as they had basically atrophied from all the sitting and moping around I had been doing the past year. I had actually developed a bad hip issue on the opposite leg from all the limping I was doing and literally had to relearn how to walk properly. This is now clearing up as well.