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AvatarDaniel Lugn

And continues…

Over the past month things haven’t changed much. I have been actively avoiding the ‘irritants’ (running, jumping and limiting my total amount of walking to under 1 hour a day) and the pain has mostly vanished, until I cross those thresholds and it immediately reminds me that things are still messed up in the ankle.

Through what I imagine is sheer luck I was able to see a podiatrist almost immediately after my referral and was able to request another MRI which I did privately. The results came back yesterday and confirmed my retinaculum and peroneals are intact like the original MRI (sans some fluid around them likely caused by the constant subluxation of the tendons), but it also found a few things that were missed which leave me unsure of the root cause of this issue.

The most concerning discoveries are what appeared to be a partial tear of the ATFL (described as ill-defined) and a sprain in the PTFL (fluid build up). These results are confusing to say the least; how could I still have a partial tear in my ATFL nearly a year after the original injury? Why is there fluid in the PTFL? What does it have to do with my ankles condition and the clearly over-mobile fibula? I am not sure what to think anymore about this injury. The podiatrist is going to call me back for a follow up on the MRI within the month, so hopefully he has some insight.