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AvatarJames Elwin

It basically comes down to soft tissue restriction but I’m thinking about going to a physio just to see what limitations I have as far as internal rotation, external rotation, extension, which muscles need to be strengthened or are inhibited etc.

The thing that upsets me is the fact that my orthopedic surgeon couldn’t believe that I was having pain even after my bone was completely healed. Duh! This would be due to the fact that my hip and leg musculature atrophied for 4 months from lack of weight bearing. Even after physical therapy my knee still has trouble during extension when I’m going up or down stairs or general eccentric/concentric movements. The only dilemma is I’m not sure if my insurance will cover an appointment with a physio so the only thing I can do is call….so I have to call.

Sorry for being long-winded it’s just very frustrating!