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AvatarNathan Richer

Chris, how are you flexing your foot?  Working good ankle movement means going slightly to the outside. If you are moving over the foot too much to the center or inside, you’ll probably go bone on bone as well as collapsing your arch which is bad.  Have you checked out the latest webinar on the ankle and foot, and the latest Roop and Jami’s Excellent Ankle adventures in Episodes?

Often I will do ankle DF with a pole standing straight up right to the inside of my foot at the arch. when i move the knee forward, i will go to the outside of the pole to clear it which prevents the foot from collapsing and moves the lower leg over the foot where there is room in the ankle….forgive me – my anatomy is fuzzy on the exact mechanism.
Your ankle may also be compacted. A good chiro or PT will know how to release it. Of course, it is the muscles and structures that are probably yanking the foot tight against the ankle, so it needs good mobilizing work to support the release and ultimately maintain it over time.