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AvatarJoyce Lee

I didn’t have any pain.  It was just bone on bone.  I would try a bent knee calf stretch on that side and i didn’t feel any stretch in the the calf at all.  Really just felt blocked and wouldn’t move/improve.  He said the bone spur was just from repeated inflammation.  I think it’s because i’ve rolled that ankle 23958729 times and eventually it built up scar tissue/new bone.  I don’t know for sure how it happened though because i actually have felt that bone spur for like 5 years and i don’t know exactly when i first noticed it or what i was doing around that time.  

The doctor said i didn’t need to get surgery if i wasn’t going to be super active but whenever i ran i would feel issues in my knee and hip and i couldn’t squat or pistol correctly on that leg.