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AvatarAndrew Woodruff

I’m having lots of issues in my body. I recently went to a professional who I’ve gotten numerous personal recommendations from. He did extensive tests on my mobility and function and told me I had some very specific issues which he suggested were the origin of my pain and problems. I have not done an MRI though, only manual examination. Here’s what he said:

– No mobility between L5-S1. Extremely irritaded nerves here.
– Hypermobile lumbar spine
– No mobility in the thoracic spine
– Normal movement in neck BUT
– No mobility in the highest vertebra. This vertebra too had extremely irritated nerves.
– Completely dead psoas, he could overpower it with his little finger

Of course he will set up a treament plan over time, but I want to educate myself, get “a second opinion” and find out what I can do myself to speed up the recoveryprocess.