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Thank you for the great response, I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head.
 I’ve learned that there’s a balance in biomechanics. One part is going through a movement with good form, the other is engaging the right muscles at the right time in the right way. Sometimes you can’t always get the latter part to kick off because of a bad muscular imbalance, a small but substantial injury, or just really bad neuromuscular control.”

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that there’s been a bigger issue, and I’m leaning towards this being a combination of muscular imbalance (years of not strength training legs), neuromuscular control issues (firing order), and inflammation of the patellar tendon. Just trying to do VMO isolation work was tough, even more so on the good leg! I’ve started implementing banded distraction into the terminal knee extensions, which feels like it’s making some positive change. As I previously mentioned, the patellar tendon still seems slightly inflamed, although there is no direct pain to touch (which makes me wonder about the severity).

Overall, things are starting to slowly improve. I’m still hesitant to start squatting, although I feel like it wouldn’t put me in pain to do so, so maybe I should start hitting the double voodoo band squat. I’m going to look into seeing a Neurokinetic Therapist next week, hopefully one who has a strength training/crossfit background. I’m paying for years of underdeveloped leg muscles and a series of events which put me on the couch/sitting at the computer more than I wanted to over the past year. In 6 months of trying to get things going again I’ve had 5 setbacks 🙁 – optimism is hard to come by these days!