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AvatarBailey Martinez

I think you need to see someone like Kelly. An athlete who has studied the human body, and has experience treating people without the use of drugs.

Ultimately, the drug can still only put a bandaid on an issue. There’s still something that caused and most likely will continue to cause the issue after you finish your cycle of ibuprofen.

That being said, Kelly always speaks to this “model” of human movement. His view takes on the lens of viewing the body as a machine. This machine was designed to work in many ways and at various capacities. However, Kelly’s emphasis of study and education is based on finding the most optimal, for performance AND stability. His approach takes into account the dynamics of physics and gravity (much like oly lifters do) in direct relation to the moving parts, “gizmo’s”, and levers that compose the “system of systems”.

This “model” however relies on some level of healthy tissue. You can be injured in a way that going through “proper” movements may still cause pain. I’ve learned that there’s a balance in biomechanics. One part is going through a movement with good form, the other is engaging the right muscles at the right time in the right way. Sometimes you can’t always get the latter part to kick off because of a bad muscular imbalance, a small but substantial injury, or just really bad neuromuscular control.

The fix: A trained individual that knows the body very well and that can diagnose issues without needing to resort to drugs on measuring devices.

While the human body is a phenomenal piece of machinery, it isn’t always that difficult to diagnose issues within it. I think Kelly believes in this, and he’s trying to show us how.

You’re eager to learn, now you just have to find the right person in the field that can help you understand. I went to 3 different doctors and 2 physical therapists before studying this stuff extensively. There’s a lot of “useless” (for lack of a better word) professionals out there that you have to wade through to get a good product.