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Kefu – 

Thanks for the wealth of additional advice! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with that for so long, how does it affect your training and what treatment have you had most success with? I hadn’t heard of cupping before, I’ll definitely take a look at implementing that and other techniques you’ve mentioned. I’m hoping I caught onto the mistakes I was making early enough before too much damage was done. This all hit me during a period of inactivity and excessive couch sitting; my lifestyle has changed (for the better) and I’m hoping the increased activity paired with correct movement will help me get back into training very soon. Regarding the pelvic tilt, I believe the main thing which has helped me to start correcting this is simply enforcing the postural bracing sequence and activating my glutes. It’s a daily fight for positioning, but I can feel my body adapting to the new changes.
I haven’t had the meniscus checked out, nor have I been able to get any imaging done. They didn’t suspect and ligament damage or anything serious enough which would warrant further examination. I’m going through the VA and they are very hesitant to spend any more money on you than they already have to – perhaps after I see one of their physical therapists they might recommend having something done. 
Thanks again for the solid recommendations and words of encouragement. I dislike all this woe-is-me’ing, I know there are others who have it much worse, I just look forward to being competitive once again and reclaiming my physical potential.