AvatarZoey Dowling

Travishibachi– those have really helped, thanks for the video recommendations!


Kaitlin– It’s not that I am landing on my toes, I actually have a severe heel strike. For the people on the floor underneath the cardio room I’m sure it sounds like an earthquake underneath the machine I am on. I suppose I am trying to grasp the concept of landing on the balls of the feet because it feels like I would have to extend at the ankle or so to land correctly. Currently with my heel strike as severe as it is, it causes my calves to be overactive when running and then to cramp up from a pumped up calve muscle. I have realized through doing various mobilizations that I need to increase my internal rotation for my hip, my arch in my feet and strengthening my feet, lots of smashing on all areas of my legs, and maybe lengthening my hamstrings from a long period of time of not stretching. Any advice as far as which to tackle first? I have tried some of the rebuilding the feet episodes and when I try the jumping rope, my feet cave in as well which I am not sure on how to correct.