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AvatarZoey Dowling

I just recently started doing some of the mobility techniques I saw in some of the videos on here. Primarily the ones from the episodes “Rebuilding the feet”.

I believe my knee pain is a source of my running technique. It largely developed from my knee break because I use to wear orthotics to correct my arch and my feet land very loudly almost sounding like I am stomping my feet. I have begun doing some of the running drills as a result. I also feel that my hamstrings are shortened some due to lack of stretching and mobility work when my knee was recovering.

I saw a PT when I had my knee broken and he said it was not a bad issue just to keep an eye on it and the only permanent thing they know of to fix it so it doesn’t happen anymore even with bad form is to have surgery and have the tendon reposition.

 If you have any mobility work you would generally recommend for some of those issues to get me pointed in the right direction that would be great too!