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AvatarNathan Richer

if your superfriends say your ankle mobility seems equal, then it is not a soft tissue or local problem but either a motor control or upstream problem.

as MWOD likes to say, there are three things to check: 1) soft tissue 2) motor control 3) joint position in sockets.  and then do these things upstream and downstream from the problem.
it sounds like once you started Oly lifting, the ankle problem was probably a sign of something wrong up stream and then the injury happened.  it could be the glutes that is causing ankle in-mobility.
in the sitting pic above, it could be some residual tightness in the legs that is preventing you from moving the right foot closer without the heel lifting up. 
ok so loosen up with smashing and banded hip openers. can you get your feet closer while in that seated position?  also, use the air squat as a test. how low can you air squat down before the foot wants to turn?  try generating torque (ie. screwing both feet into the ground ) *before* you descend. does that help?  how low can you go in air squat – ass to heels with proper back posture – it looks like from your squatting video that you can do this.
this is a good read on the differences bet low and high bar squatting:
the change in lever arm when you went high could have been enough to exacerbate an existing problem enough to flare…