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AvatarBen Dispoto

Hey David,

Thanks a lot for the informative response.
My back is okay, I think. The soreness I feel is minor and actually seems to decrease with time (but I’ve stopped/started squatting again so many times that it seems like I often have it, haha). I agree that it would probably be prudent to get an MRI and I will when the time is convenient. 
I like your glute theory. In addition to the exercises you mentioned, do you think a switch to the low bar squat would help due to greater glute involvement? I actually used to exclusively low bar squat and never had issues/pain whatsoever. It was only on the switch to high bar/Olympic lifting that issues started to develop. I haven’t switched back out of stubbornness

I think the ankle disparity developed once I started Olympic weightlifting and then the injury happened a few months after.