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AvatarNathan LOE

Kaitlin – I’d stopped running, squatting etc. when the pain subsided.  It came back after the first run I did post resting it so absolutely the underlying cause was not resolved.  

I don’t have a Supernova so I’ve been smashing with a combo of lacrosse ball (which is awkward) and a PVC roller.
I really don’t think I’ve seen any improvement.  As far as causes go, I think the main biomechanical fault is probably my knee falling inwards.  I definitely have noticed it while running and squatting.  I deadlifted today as I didn’t think it would bother my knee but I noticed pain off the ground (more medial than patellar) and was having to really fight to keep my knees caving in.  
Thor – yes I could.  The main issue would be ‘butt wink/tuck under’ or whatever you want to call it.