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AvatarZoey Dowling

I had a similar knee pain. It is something you definitely want to be very cautious of. Mine originated because of horrible running technique and using arch support which didn’t make it any better. I went to the doctors a few times and they kept telling me it was tendonitis, then runners knee, and then the lubricating sack in my knee was apparently swollen. The pain got so bad for me that I couldn’t put any pressure on it and that part of my knee was sensitive to touch. I tried using compression wraps and they hurt it even more. Turns out my pain was so severe because I had actually broken the inside of my knee right where you are describing (similar symptoms too) and the doctor caught it in time before it broke to the point that I would need surgery. It was classified as a severe stress fracture.The injury for me was a weird one because I could walk fine at times and then it felt as though other times when I would walk that I would almost feel my knee catch and then release but a lot of times had that loose feeling in the joint itself but it felt like I had something tight within the ligaments. I did a lot of mobility work when all of the pain started as well and nothing helped because my technique was so horrible that my injury had worsened. I had gotten an x-ray originally when the pain started as well and nothing showed up . It didn’t show up until my mom pushed enough for me to get an MRI that the doctor finally listened. Hope it is not the same injury that I had but regardless the only thing I can try to give advice on because of experiencing something similar is to back off and stop/limit anything that really puts a load on that leg. Foam rolling or other myofascial release stuff helps but I tried to keep my leg as straight as possible because when my leg bent, it pushed on that area and caused it to wiggle the broken piece more to prolong healing.


Hope this helps or gives a little more caution.