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AvatarVeronica Gordon

Now, over a month later I had a running analysis.

The pain is already gone but I knew that I am walking/running not completely correct.
So I first had to walk barefoot on the treadmill, then run barefoot and then the same with my Nanos on. My technique was not as bad as I thought. The only problem is that my hip is a bit internal rotated while walking/running.
First the women thought that’s because I am missing ROM in the hip. After the treadmill she tested my internal/external rotation in hip and knee and it turned out that not the hip, but the knee is the problem.
Hip ROM is very good but I’m missing internal rotation in the knee (actually there is non).
And that is what I am compensating with my internal rotated hip.
She recommended all types of proprioreceptive training, but nothing to work on knee internal rotation. So what can I do about that?