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AvatarVeronica Gordon

Thank you for your long answer, Dylan!

I don’t think that anything on my knee is broken yet, because there isn’t such a bad pain or instability like you had. But what you describe sounds like you were talking about me. A few years ago I was using arch support, too, because of an overpronation. It took some time to realise that this whole thing made my walking/running technique and my problems with it even worse.
Since that I am trying to use minimal shoes only and my foot structure is getting better and stronger. But what I noticed the last days is that I am not really walking on my entire foot, but much more on the outside.
So what I want to say with this story is that I think that a wrong walking and running technique causes these problems, like you said, but in an earlier stadium than in your case.
But the big question is what can I do about that? By now most of the time I concentrate when I am walking, but that doesn’t work on every single step, especially when I am running or doing some other kind of sports.
So what could I do to solve that problem as fast as possible?