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Yes, your technique may be good with a kettlebell, but there may be room for it to be even better. With your smaller frame these technique deviations may have a bigger impact. You may have a smaller buffer zone.
Your grip may be too tight which doesn’t allow for the handle to slide so it doesn’t turn over and have impact on your arm.
For example in the kb snatch when the kb hits eye level you need to loosen the grip so the bell slides as you punch through. You need to set your shoulder position and really open the hip hard.

You may bruise easier on the arm because the skin is thinner and there is less fat under the skin. There’s less cushioning protection when less fat is present. Some may bruise easier if they are deficient in B12, C, K or floic acid, but these bruise take longer to heal. Some can last as long as a month.

Is the bruising happening more often than it has occurred in the past?
If this is the case I would recommend getting it checked out because there could be more happening.

You could use padded wrist guard that would allow you to continue to use kettlebells within your workouts.
They are a good element to have in the mix so I wouldn’t just give them up.