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AvatarKeith Broussard

It’s a hard call without actually knowing where you’re at.

I always suggest keeping it manageable chunks. If you’re transitioning to a flat shoe I recommend wearing those or go barefoot the majority of your time walking for at least a month before running.

The brutal way to put it is it’s not OK to run like an fool. So if you find that you can’t run with respectable form. Just work on the skill. There are more ways to work on your cardiovascular capacity than just running.

When you start to run again never run longer than you can keep good technique. This is humbling at first it may be less than a 100m. So due repeats. This is where a good running coach is important (if you have access to one). You will lie yourself because your aerobic engine is likely ssssooooo much bigger than your capacity to maintain position. Remember this it is no longer just about distance and speed. It is now about your capacity to run well.

Also it’s a good idea to start to integrate “running skill” warm-up drills to your nonrunning workout warm ups. (assuming you lift weights).