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AvatarSarah Meadows

I’m back.  I’ve seen a Chiro 3 times now and she recommends a 30 visit course of action.  There is an abnormal curvature to my spine from my hips through my lumbar region.  This costs about 1k.  She says that the nerves are likely in die because of the lack of blood flow from the curve.This was what she is telling me is wrong with my ankle.  The muscles I’m trying to strengthen just don’t turn on.

Now, that being said.  This is tough for me to decide because there is not instant feedback telling me it’s working.  The guy with a bad back goes and gets a correction, walks out a new man.  My ankle still hurts; ya see?
Ankle is worse than it has been in weeks but I’ve probably been pushing too hard.  Unfortunately the soft tissue stuff on my calves and feet doesn’t have the effect it did at first; I don’t feel like I get much out of it at this point.  
I can’t help but feel like the Chiro is simply trying to sell her services… I tend not to trust docs after several experiences with them.
What would you do?  Sign up?  See another Chiro?  See a PT?  Fly to California and see Kelly?  I’m feeling stuck and frustrated.