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AvatarCecilia Yee

    Pain? Yes. SI / Lower back pain on one side. I also get a fair amount of discomfort and clicking inside my hip. I’ve read all about the typical crossed / APT / “desk bound” syndromes online but I’m not sure that applies to me. I’m more of a PPT and rounded shoulders guy!

    I’ve been to 3 different PTs who have offered only periods of relief. My local academic medical center says a “candidate” for a hip arthroscopy based on my images (MRI) and failures at PT, but I’m unconvinced – I feel that i have achieved periods in which my mechanics are improved, I just can’t maintain them.

    Generally, my bad hip does seem to internal rotate during my gate. I can mobilize-active my glutes and stretch my hip flexor all day, but this issue remains. This brings be back to my original post – could this be an issue with my psoas / deep hip flexors? If it’s inhibited, the stability of my hip has to be affected…

    Some other comments:
    – I pass the thomas test, so theoreitically my hip flexors aren’t tight?
    – one leg isn’t shorter than the other
    – my hamstring tendon snaps around my knee during flexion