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AvatarPatrick Thomas

Thanks Daniel
Good to hear you are addressing the stabilization piece.
Many times cause of glutes shutting off is:
1. Pain
2. Position
3. Lack of use
Do you have pain?
Pain can cause the glutes to shut off which then causes greater instability which results in pain.

Position– Glutes span pelvis to femur so……….alignment of the pelvis and femur, therefore, affects the position,
length and tension of your gluteal muscles. If these muscles are not in
an ideal posture, their function will be compromised–sometimes to the
point that the muscles are not able to contract.

Anterior pelvic tilt over stretches the glute. There is a connection between this posture and muscle function called the Lower
Crossed Syndrome.  The hip flexors and back extensors are
short and tight, while the abdominals and glutes are lengthened and
The glutes and hip flexors work in opposition. If the hip flexors are excessively tight, they may block the message from ever reaching the glutes leaving them inactive.