I recommend starting from the beginning of the Mobility Wod Project (Episodes 1-365). Episode 1 then scroll  to the bottom of page 6 for episode 2……
This is a free resource to all MWOD users and you are introduced to concepts,theory, and equipment as it was added throughout the project. Going in sequential order you are introduced to all concepts.

I recommend watching the webinars as
these will further your understanding on different aspects within the
particular focus and how&why  concepts relate. MWOD subscribers have
access to webinars for a limited time following the webinar.

Next, start  MWOD Pro videos, Pro videos(1-55…) and Daily Rx which begins on Tuesday May 7, 2013.

Attending a Movement and Mobility Seminar provides a solid base of learning and hands on time.
A list of scheduled seminars is here