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    Are you seeing improvements with the rehab plan you are following?
    Have you addressed your hip/glute tightness?
    Without address the cause of the issue it will continue to occur.
    You are strengthening around the area, but what about the area itself?
    Depending on the degree of damage done it could take a long time to heal.
    The surrounding muscles are impacted because we are a system of systems.
    If there is restriction or tightness in one side or in one area other areas/tissue, areas of your body will compensate for the situation.
    Here a couple episodes to start with:
    MWOD: Serratus/Rib Cage Mash Party
    Jill Miller Smashes Your Guts! (and psoas, and tacked down viscera, and matted down abdominals…) Part 2
    Jill Miller Diaphragm Evolution Part 3: Eccentric Loading