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AvatarJames Elwin

I have bad trochanteric bursitis in my IT band on my right side and can feel my psoas snap when I’m extending my knee/hip while lying down. All of the areas you mentioned will help but I find that when I’m tight in my hips I lack external rotation which makes my IT band tight and also my iliopsoas somehow. Maybe try to mobilize your IT band around the hip and down by the knee on the outside. My TFL tends to give me fits as well since it’s a pretty good sized chunk of muscle in the outer hip area.
Also, since the psoas is a muscle that connects to the lumbar spine try doing mobility on your quadratus lumborum, keep hitting your glutes and definitely mobilize your quads since the quad is dependent on the psoas for hip flexion, correct? I find that when I foam roll my quads the psoas gets a better stretch doing the couch stretch and don’t be afraid to go over 2 minutes/side(I know you said 20 min). Like Kelly says 2:00 is the MED but seeing change is what’s important. Sometimes I will wrap a voodoo floss band around my hip flexor which makes me engage my glutes more during the couch stretch which is a double whammie since I’m getting a better stretch out of my iliopsoas and glute activation as well.
With regards to inflammation do you have access to a hot tub or sauna? Heat and compression do wonders for me and fish oil/krill oil will help with inflammation as well. Certain foods and especially high protein diets can put the body into an acidic state instead of alkaline so diet is definitely a factor.
I always try to do a little mobility stuff both before and after a workout. Before helps me stay efficient during workouts and after tends to yield greater results since I’m loose and going for greater ROM is less strenuous and painful.
15-20 minutes a day is a good amount of time to spend on mobility because obviously it’s just not feasible to tackle every troublesome area. Trust me I know it gets frustrating! Let me know if you need any further help or guidance to the wealth of knowledge that is mobilitywod. I’ve really been trying to circulate the wisdom that Kelly has imparted to me through his videos the man is a gentleman and a scholar.