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Are you getting injured when doing the same move/element or different move/elements?
It may be a deviation from proper technique with the skill, move, or element. Or it could be a mobility issue.
Have you looked up/down stream of where you are seeing the issue?
Here are some episodes that address the groin.
Super Sumo Groin Mob
Episode 354: Make Your Own Super Floss/High Hamstring & Hip Gnar Gnar
Episode 241: Sumo and Medial Chain Business
Episode 82: Protect your scrotch or: Medial hamstring fun
Episode 36: Spinal Mobility; Box Squat Groin Torture; Spine Rot/Adductor Stretch
Episode 22: Strong Goats, Orlando Style: Low Back, Hips, and Groin

A couple episodes that hit on icing:
People, We’ve Got to Stop Icing. We Were Wrong, Sooo Wrong.
Community Video – Peoples, We’ve Got to Stop Icing. A Year Later….
A link to more info on the Marc Pro which is talked about in the video