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AvatarMartin Repcek

Those pictures look familiar. Does your right leg swing to the side (circumduction gait) as you walk? Do you have problems walking down stairs? Can you keep your heel planted on the back foot as your reach down to the next step without the knee collapsing in? Any stiffness in the big toe? Those are the biggest problems I noticed with everyday activities before I started fixing my problems. 

Circumduction gait explanation: (Don’t immediately start thinking you have a leg length discrepancy after watching this.)
Here is a test to assess your ankle dorsiflexion. The test also serves as a good exercise. According to my physical therapist you need to get at least 4 inches. When I first started two inches was a challenge.
The link to Pro Episode #44 that Kaitlin provided will probably be a good one for you. Kelly just had DailyRx to kind of do the same thing on your own. (Sept. 21?) Start with some hip mobilizations and do some smashing along the tibialis posterior and the IT band/TFL. If your problem is the same as mine you’ll be working at this for a year or two. There are likely several dysfunctions that are reinforcing each other.