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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Jim,

You might find that, in the beginning or after a particularly aggressive session, you incur some soreness the day following your smash and flossing. When that happens, it would be a good idea to play it cool until things feel better.
In general, if you’re smart about what you’re doing you’ll be fine to do regular work. Just respect the signals that you’re going too hard (sketchy feelings, can’t breathe, can’t relax your face), be slow and deliberate, and use the right stiffness of implement to get the job done (yoga ball vs lacrosse ball, for example).
How much you should and can do is a very individual thing, and to some degree depends on your experience with the mobility tools. You’ll get better and better at implementing the mobilizations with practice, and you’ll learn a lot about quickly and effectively dealing with your issues.