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AvatarNathan Richer

three thoughts about how to tell if you have enough mobility in the t-spine:

1. yes good t-spine mobility is once you can maintain upright posture with proper curve in the t-spine with no straining or extra tightness. but it is not 100% about the t-spine in order to do that, but it is part of the system for sure.
2. there are two tests which i have seen that may answer your question about t-spine mobility.  one is a global extension test, and the other is neck/trunk flexion.  both require an experienced person to evaluate and very hard to evaluate by yourself since you can’t see yourself fully when you’re doing the test.  they are both out of the dynamic neuromuscular stabilization system ( and if you really want to explore, i would find a DNS professional to evaluate.
3. in general t-spine mobility shows itself in many of kstarr’s mwod tests. you must have enough t-spine mobility to perform most of them so if you are doing well with those tests, your t-spine mobility is probably doing ok.