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AvatarBailey Martinez

It’s a grind. Depending on your past and how immobile you’ve become, you may need to address more area’s and for longer periods of time than someone else with a different background.

Some people will have to grind out one area after another before they can achieve full ROM in any given body part. Help from “super friends” or doctors may be needed and will most likely increase the rate of improvement.

Understanding the big picture and theory behind the engineering of the human body may be complex. But realizing you have a specific issue with x body part ROM and tackling that with mobility drills is not. Once you learn to hunt and “communicate” with your body, the process becomes quite natural and organic.

Pain (the good kind) is involved. Time is involved. Drugs, such as wine, may be involved to help slow your mind down and allow for the patience to feel what’s happening. But if you put in the effort, improvement will also be involved.