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whoops i should have looked closer at the link – you’re right in that you posted it! sorry about that.

change can take months to happen. it’s frustrating to be that long, but sometimes it can take one session or it can take the better part of a year. 
in any case, examining your movement patterns will speed up the process and doing hip openers and stretches with band preferably will also help a great deal beyond just smashing. 
case in point – it took me a good 4 months of hip openers and smashing to get from bad squat to almost ass to heels. but i then plateaued there for many months until i played with Ready to Run’s air squat test (8x 20s AMRAP air squats, RI 10s, with good form, and below horizontal at deepest part) for a few weeks. imparting movement in this manner really greased my squat ability and now i find i can get pretty deep without mobs. 
i just took Original Strength Foundation I a week ago. i find that the rocking exercises are doing great for my hip mobility as well.