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AvatarAaron Ramroth

My internal rotation is shocking. When I lie in the prone position, with my knees at 90′ and let my legs fall out, which in turn will induce internal rotation of the hip joint. My right hand side is like 5* at the very most. My other side is slightly better but still very very poor.

I’ve always thought this was tight TFL etc. But when I look into it, having limited internal rotation of the hip joint would suggest tight lateral hip rotators (as it’s them which is stretching).  maybe piriformis, Am i right in saying this?

What’s the two man IR stretch??? I’ve never seen or heard of that, and can’t find much of goggle except this thread when you search that.

Also view:
– It’s mentioned on that I’m sure if your hip internal rotation decreases during lying prone from seated then it could be a capsule problem.