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AvatarKay Heil

I have very much similar problem with internal rotation of my right hip. Sometimes I get a uncomfortable impingement feeling, but hip hamstring flossing helps. To give you an idea of what I’ve tried, I’ve used a crap load of band tension while doing hamstring floss. I needed a 100 lbs kettlebell to help hold me in place along with a heavy soft plyobox.

My right hip is missing alot of internal rotation. I can restore a good amount of it with flexion. I have some issues with internal rotation during extension like when walking. When my right leg swings back.

My missing right hip IR results in a very right ankle that wants to flare out. When I try to walk straight my hips more laterally in the frontal plane instead of sagital.

I recently went to see a chiro and he’s a personal training client of mine and we had a good conversation of what was happening. The right pelvic bowl is slightly turned in. He’s been able to adjust it and it allows my right femur to move better, but there’s still a blocked feeling.

I was looking at an anatomy chart trying to dissect this ir problem and I learned that the hamstrings (semabremanosus) causes some medial ir of the femur. I found takin a softbal and sitting on hard surface rolling the thing out helps. Getting that wod of fibers that kstar calls the “grundle.”

But thinking out loud here’s what I want try on myself after realizing to your post.

Hamstring floss biasong some internal rotation 2 mins (just the right)
Couch stretch 5 mins right side
Hip flexor lunge stretch with band pulling hip forward 2 mins right side

Side lying Abduction strengthening only right side
Softball the adductor and hamstrings under the crotch area of the restricted area trying to pressure wave /tack and stretch through that position of emphasis 2 mins

Then do some walking lunges and some lunges with bad distraction (or call it a split squat ) with my left leg forward and the bad distracting my right hip forward biasing IR stationary split squat 10-15 reps. Then do the otherwise without the band.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about or need some clarification ask a question.

I’m pretty OCD with this stuff because I do have some pain issues that have been greatly relieved because of what I learned from the mobility wod. So I started my own little video project using all the stuff from the supple leopard to be able to do an overhead squat.