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AvatarJim Hoffman

I’d like to echo what Ryan Saplan and Christian Mcervale have said and I believe what Kelly has shown in a couple of MWOD episodes and Daily RXes. My right foot has a tendency to turn out and I lack hip IR on my right leg. From a structural standpoint my right pelvis is tipped forward (anterior pelvic tilt) and also medially. So if you think about it my femur starts out internally rotated because the pelvis isn’t in the right place. From my experience the pelvis position is influenced by a tight psoas, QL, and adductor on my right side. However, I’ve been stuck in this position for so long I lack the proper motor control to do most normal movements. Instead of my glutes helping to control hip extension and also stabalize my hip during normal gait my hip extension comes from my adductor, erectors, and QL. 

So my plan has been to hammer my high adductor and then the glute med and TFL as Kelly said in one Daily RX when you work on the high adductor there seems to be a lot of value in working the TFL area (and I agree). Once I do that I work on glute activation. As Christian Mcervale said I’ve also been working on lateral trunk stability especially on the LEFT side because my QL is over active on my right side.