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AvatarJustin LaRoche

Mine is all in the front of the hip. This have been a come and go issue for me for sometime now. I get the best response and the most relief after I have spent a good amount of time in the couch stretch and the pre-squat routine. I can definitely say that once I am warmed up the issue goes away. For instance this morning’s WOD was 25 Front squats – 2000 meter row – 25 front squats, the first 25 FS were pretty sticky even with OLY shoes on. Finally about 1000 meters in things started getting better. The last 25 FS’s were much better as to the way my hip felt. My performance in that workout is another story. I got owned!!!!

I have another idea that should help. I will find the link and get it up here. Personally I think you will benefit from using the stretch bands and distraction. That is idea the video is centered around. Basically a lunge position with the band pulling your back leg toward the anchor location.