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AvatarNathan Richer

Catherine – cool another KB person! generally if there is pain, you should do things to make the pain go away before getting back into it. of course if you’re like me, you ignore it sometimes and sometimes its ok. that is good that when you do movements there is no pain. it may increase the chance that you’ll pull something where the soreness is but i’ve also been in similar situations where some part of my body is sore, but i’ll work KBs anyways and i usually have to put an extra 200% into my form on each move and that usually works…but not always ;-).

Sheldoneous – there are a lot of muscles crossing that area. trying to do a diagnosis on a forum is difficult!  can you see a PT? if there is pain, it would not be a good idea to suggest something here until the pain goes away.  Or just rest until you have no pain, and then we can work on mobs that loosen up things that got tight because of the pain.