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AvatarTyler Penna

Two P’s and a T have been my relief. Pilates and Posture and Tumeric tablets.The big mistake I have made was sitting 7-8 hours a day at my work desk with my keyboard pushed away at arms length thus curved spine and aching mid back and hips.Same thing when attempting to stand,almost unable to walk ,arched over shoulder posture and aching back and pelvis pain every day.I do have 7mm short on my left leg after a bone transplant surgery to repair a broken plateau and have had 12 years living with right hip twist and mid back strain.Yes I do use an orthotic in my left shoe to raise the heel.

Stretching works  

I am stretching forward and touching the floor with palms down with hip pain that reduces with repeats (this can be done from sitting or standing )initially I could not cope with standing.Various Pilates exercises will strengthen core muscles allowing control to regain of mobility and good walking /sitting posture.
Pain relief after 3 days on Tumeric tablets have experienced a healthy and most amazing find.