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Just join as a subscriber. Similar issue. I also had a hamstring tear last May in a sprint on my daughters sport day. Already had a disfunction creeping up before that tear. Did months of physio, didn’t make it better. Went back to introducinglunges, RDL, single leg RDL, deadlifts and squats which actually made it better, but recently it’s flaring up again.

Things that seem to make it feel better :
quad stretching (feel stretch all the way to my hip) and rolling.
Lacrosse ball in area and glutes.

Lunges and single leg RDL workouts feel better next day I think than deadlifts and squats, but I can’t go heavy on those as much as deadlifts and squats.

I suspect I have hip mobility issues. Can’t really get below parallel in squat without feeling stretch in the region.
Deadlift is probably easier on it, but still.

Lots of sitting during day and evening. Have recently gotten a standing desk so trying to get 4 hours of day standing.

I’m gonna check out these videos.

What is this BFR you are refering to?