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AvatarCatie Bertges

    Hello Kaitlin-

    Thanks for the thorough and prompt response!

    I’m seeing improvement in my mobility but it’s all very incremental. For instance, my quads and calves (front and back) are stiff, with my glutes to a lesser extent. My PM mob/workout consists of the following:

    8 min smash – glutes and quads
    4 mins joint distraction – hip capsule
    4 sets of bodyweight squats with voodoo bands – 2 around knees and 2 around ankles
    15 mins elliptical machine
    4 mins- stretch quads

    Should I drop the glute work until my quads are more loose? I can barely squat unassisted (a few inches) and do them against a wall w/ an exercise ball. The box squat seems unachievable right now, until my mobility from the knee down improves and my t-spine clears some. I think I get your point though and will give some thought towards working within my existing range of motion, starting with bodyweight movements and prioritizing proper execution over weight.

    I’m familiar with the 14 day green light series but am unsure how to implement. Do I drop my existing approach for 2 weeks and follow the series precisely?