AvatarDaniel Lugn

Hey bman

For myself, I really just stuck to a ample amount of rehab exercises and soft tissue whenever I could do it (sometimes 3-4 times a day of 20-30 minutes each). I just googled a lot of different UCS exercises and rotated through them (prone cobras, arm circles, arm clock…thingers. I dont know the names of many of them :P). One thing I think should be driven home, that goes along with a lot of the Supple Leopard teachings is you need to do it every day, along with the soft tissue/lacrosse ball work on the back of the rotators and scapula muscles to help with the pain. Focusing on proper posture, bracing (as in the Supple Leopard), shoulders back and down also helps.

It took a few weeks to get rid of the constant pain and about 3 months before I was able to do most exercises again without it irritating the shoulders. As it got better I slowly started to add more and more exercises and gauged if they caused pain or not after. Bench Press is the only thing I cannot do without having a major flare up, so I have simply stopped doing it.

Almost 8 months later and I still need to keep up on the soft tissue and exercises, though not as frequently as at first. It is to be expected as I cannot realistically expect 7+ years of bad posture and poor ergonomics to resolve itself in a few months. The good news is that with the knowledge and tools its easy to manage the pain if it returns and its taking less and less work to fix flare ups and its happening less and less frequently. I am of the mindset that its likely going to take a couple years to completely resolve, but I have committed to making mobility a way of life if I want to keep training at this level.