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AvatarBrian Foster

@ Bradley Betts-  thanks a lot for the reply/advice.  I have never been told that I have that specific syndrome.  I have been told that the areas in back are weaker than front,  I have scapula winging, and my upper trap is strong and overactive, while lower traps are very weak.  These are all things that I just read are indications of UCS.  I have been told all this by my phys therapist.  Could you explain or give me a video on the wall angle test?  also any specifics on what you did to fix it would be greatly appreciated.  I am sure that I could have tendonosis as a by-product of UCS, instead of only having one or the other.

@Dshen Thank you for the suggestion, sounds awesome.  Wish it was a couple hundred cheaper, would be tough to justify to my parents.  Even though I have my own money.  I’ll have to think about it.