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AvatarNathan Richer

hey Bman17, i’m going to go out on a limb and point you to a device that i started using and has done wonders with my injuries. I had a nagging elbow problem from poor KB form. it hung around for months and nothing i did helped it until i tried this device. it is a ICES Digiceutical A9a: 

the inventor had worked with NASA to develop the original technology and has since refined it. like i said, i was desperate. my elbow simply wasn’t getting better by anything else i tried, including e-stim and lots of rest.  i plunked down some cash and bought one. within 2 days the pain was gone and within 2 weeks, i was completely healed.

the tech is more fully explained here: 
currently it is used in vet applications under the brand but works equally well for humans as i found.
by full disclosure i am not an employee of this company but i am in contact with the inventor. i also loved the device so much that i have 4 of them and am currently using 3 on me right now.