AvatarNathan Richer

hmm, one other thought about tight t-spine muscles to keep you upright – it could be your hip flexors are also very short from our 20th century lifestyles.  shortened/tight psoas muscles will attempt to drag your spine forward and you could be putting some strain on your spinal erectors because of it, to try to keep you upright.

try working your psoas with a supernova or big ball.  your rectus femoris is also a hip flexor, so use a battlestar or supernova on those. couch stretch is also a really good one; make sure you contract your glutes strongly as you rise up to vertical – without glute contraction this stretch is not nearly as effective.
also, use the supernova/big ball on your QLs on your back, as well as lacrosse ball up and down your erectors to keep them loose.