AvatarElyse Waters


Thanks for your insight!
I have been doing both. The standing one making it worse and the lying down not doing anything, but I might be doing that wrong. One problem with flossing is that my calves are so tight that I mostly feel the tension there. I’m working on it though.
The manual therapist I saw said that it wasn’t a nerve problem, I myself have no idea.
I have done several MRI’s. The only thing they found was: Disc protrusion dorsally against the spinal canal, C3/4, but spacious conditions  relavtive to the spinal canal. Reduced water signal in some discs in the middle t-spine. Some discs with hight reduced cartliage. In the lower t-spine there are some schmorls impression in the spinal coverings.
The problem with sitting straight and standing is some serious tension of the muscles around my t-spine. I’m working on my t-spine extension and the muscles surrounding the scapulas, hoping that that will help. But I will work  on my posture sitting.
Even if a better posture while sitting helps reduce the overall pain, there is still the issue of mobility. I’m working on reaching full ROM, because I’m hoping to get back to martial arts within a year or two. But I won’t do that untill I’ve reached full ROM or almost. “Just” had surgery for hip labrum tear, and I’m not doing that again.