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I have no idea how to find someone who does that.

Check out my second post for sitting position. But generally sitting is not an issue, I usually have the option of standing. I have an standing desk, but it’s on loan to a pregnant coworker. 
Yes, I do have some back issues as I said in my last post. It feels like my erector spinae is on tension when sitting with straight back or standing. I also don’t have any lumbar flexion. My hip extension is good though, and no anterior pelvic tilt.
The only thing I’m doing for my hamstring is trying to figure out how to break down the scar tissue. I’ve tried flossing with band and voodoo floss, but that made it worse. The “monkey bars of death” seems to have made it slightly better, or at least not worse.
I am looking for some tips on how to break up the scar tissue.