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AvatarElyse Waters

Thanks, I’ll try to answer your questions:

1. The manual therapist I’ve been seeing thought I might have torn some muscle fibers from deadlifting and now have some tacked down scar tissue there. And that’s now 1.5 years ago (?). It wasn’t an acute injury.
2. Still not painfree. At the max I’ve been able to sit 4 hours in a stretch (buss ride or airplane ride) the past year.
3. See 1. After 6 months in increasing pain I decided to see a manual therapist. At the time I could barely sit 20 min without pain. Got some exersices (variants of one legged deadlift) and those helped. As I got better they were less effective, but I might just try them again.
4. Saw someone with ART training before the manual therapist, didn’t help.
5. The pain comes after sitting a couple of hours now. It’s more of a burning sensation than a soarness from the high hamstring, sometimes spreading downstream. Definitly not nerve pain.
6. Only pain after sitting a few hours. It’s the left side btw. If I remember correctly; the pain will not get better and/or will get worse when lying on my right side.
7. My posture when sitting isn’t the best. I usually lean back a bit (but trying to keep my abs a bit on), because sitting upright gives me back “pain” i.e. tension in the back muscles (and that’s another problem, I don’t have much flexion in my lumbar spine either). I have a regular office chair I guess, but it’s way better for my hamstring to sit on this kind of chair:
As I said; flossing just makes it worse. Today at work I was able to relieve some of the pain by smashing my hamstring. Did a 10 min “monkey bar of death” after workout, and I don’t feel as soar now. I’ll let you guys know how I feel tomorrow!
The quickest way to relieve pain is to walk it of.